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As a medical doctor and health specialist, my goal is to help people shift into healthier lifestyles by providing them with the tools they need to lead a balanced, healthy life for years to come.

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Michele Johnson, MD

As a medical physician, I  have always strived to help patients heal. It is truly fascinating to witness the body's ability to heal itself. After graduating from medical school, I choose physical medicine and rehabilitation. A medical specialty that focuses on the body's recovery from injury and restoration of function without surgery.

Following my interventional spine fellowship, I realized I needed to  help people before they ended up on my procedure table in pain waiting for me to stick a needle in their spine. So I started my journey learning as much as I could about weight loss and obesity. I traveled all over the United States and visited some of the most effective weight loss programs. I became board-certified in obesity medicine, learned about medications, foods, supplements  and vitamins for weight loss, I have treated hundreds of overweight and obese patients over the years. I heard every pitfall, cravings, habits ,binge and excuse imaginable.

Therefore, I sought to create a program that was simple, powerful and sustainable. More Food Less Medicine was created.  A program without counting calories, no limits on portion sizes, ability to have variety, fits into a busy schedule, entertainment meals and sustainable weight loss. More Food Less Medicine cuts through the weight loss noise and helps you attain your goals with proven medical strategies.

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The More Food Less Medicine Program uses food as medicine. Dr. Johnson guides you through an actionable and informative journey, where the things that we put in our bodies can either make us better or worse off than what nature intended for us to be!

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The More Food Less Medicine Program uses food as medicine. Dr. Johnson guides you through a  food education experience that will change your view of nutrition. It is possible to improve your health, decrease medications and reverse disease with food.

Using simple proven plant based nutrition plans and light exercise, Dr. Johnson provides strategies which aim to result in sustainable weight loss and lifestyle changes.

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Access to a private community with weekly Q&A and assessments.

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Direct input from Board-Certified medical professionals providing detailed tips and updates.

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Nutrition guides, best practices and countless resources to help you make informed decisions on what goes in your body.

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In addition to access to a library of videos cultivated to keep you motivated on your healthy living journey, you will also gain entry to our growing plant dominant community with your More Food Less Medicine Membership and coaching from Dr. Michele Johnson!

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